Sunday, October 3, 2010


NH-S students and faculty spell "We 'Heart' You Carly" as a Special Get-Well Message

At the NHS Boys Soccer game on October 7, the New Hope-Solebury community will be sponsoring “KICK LEUK FOR CARLY NIGHT” in support of high school sophomore, Carly Stephens, who was diagnosed with leukemia this past summer. Students and community members are encouraged to wear orange (Carly’s favorite color) to the soccer game, as well as to bring a donation for the Ronald McDonald House, Leukemia Society, and the Stephen’s Medical Fund.

Carly has expressed concern over the lack of supplies at the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia, which prompted her fellow volleyball teammate, Katie D’Andrea, to start a fund drive. Katie received a “Wish List” from the Ronald McDonald House which can be viewed online at

The KICK LEUK event is a joint collaboration of the Boys Soccer team, the Girls Soccer team, Field Hockey, Fall Cheerleading, Golf, Girls Volleyball (Carly’s team), and the Parent Teacher Forum. In addition, the NH-S Football team has approached the organizers to offer a monetary donation to the Ronald McDonald House.

“This night is in honor of our Carly,” said Maria Gregory whose son is on the Boy’s Soccer team. “It is a night we celebrate her strength and courage as she fights her battle along with all those who fight leukemia”.

The Junior Varsity Soccer game begins at 5:15pm and the Varsity game begins at 7:00pm at the New Hope-Solebury High School stadium. Carly’s brother, Robert, is a captain on the Varsity team.

The school community has quickly and fiercely come together to help Carly and her family upon hearing about her diagnosis. “To see a group of teenagers come together to sign a banner, draw pictures to decorate her room, make Carly videos and visit daily, especially warmed all of our hearts,” remarked Gregory. “The NHS Girls’ soccer team (of which Carly is a member) began selling orange bracelets to raise money for leukemia research. The bracelets read KICK LEUK with soccer balls on one side and We Love Carly on the other”.

The donation proceeds will go towards the Leukemia Society, the Ronald McDonald House and the Stephen’s Medical Fund. Visitors attending the KICK LEUK event will also have an opportunity to sign up for a Blood Drive for Carly which is being held at the Upper Elementary School on October 28.

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