Monday, June 13, 2011


Patti Cosner, MaryClare Cosner, Ellen Anthonisen, Frank Cosner, Jr.
Scholarship Committee Member Ralph Prosceno, Community School Coordinating Director Nancy Lawson, Dr. Stephen Young, Dr. Raymond Boccuti, Scholarship Committee Member Earlene Austin, and Scholarship Committee Chairman Larry Weikel

On June 9th, the Community School of New Hope-Solebury presented New Hope-Solebury High School senior Mary Clare Cosner with a $1000 scholarship. Scholarship committee chairman, Larry Weikel, presented the award along with past president Ellen Anthonisen and committee members Nancy Lawson, Earlene Austin and Ralph Prosceno. There to witness the presentation of the scholarship were superintendent, Ray Boccuti and high school principal, Stephen Young, as well as the parents of Mary Clare.

The Community School’s mission is to offer continuing education through creative, physical, and intellectual opportunities. “We believe the lifeblood of our community is our teachers, our Board members, and especially our students,” remarked Weikel. “With this in mind, a committee was formed to award a NH-S graduating senior a scholarship to further his or her educational pursuit.” The seven qualities which the Board look for are community service, financial need, passion, overcoming adversity, leadership, initiative, and academics.

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