Thursday, February 24, 2011


NHS Care Members John Warren and Frank Cosner, Milton Creagh, NHS Care Members Bill Reilly and Stephen Young (HS principal)

On February 22nd, New Hope-Solebury High School students were captivated by a presentation by Milton Creagh, a nationally recognized motivational speaker. A sizable man with a commanding presence, Creagh presented a straightforward, no-nonsense view of how drugs and alcohol can permanently change or end a life. Many times during Creagh’s presentation, he spoke directly to individual students about the dark reality of drug and alcohol use. He asked some tough questions about issues in the students’ lives, bringing attention to the fact that all communities must come to terms with addressing these concerns. “Do you think this just happens in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh?” he inquired of the students. “No! Wake up, New Hope! It may look different here in your community, but you’re facing the same deadly issues as any other city.”
“I really liked him,” commented one freshman. “He was straightforward and really made an impact on all of us.”

In the evening, Creagh addressed the community in a presentation on how parents can help their children grow to be responsible and successful adults. This presentation was equally direct as his talks with students earlier in the day. Parents were encouraged to set reasonable limits for their children and to communicate directly and honestly with them on topics related to work ethic, the value of the dollar and the management of social and relational issues.

The presentations were sponsored by the NH-S Cares committee whose mission is to champion the healthy and full development of all youth in the New Hope-Solebury Community. Creagh, who has previously visited New Hope-Solebury through NH-S Cares sponsorship, is well known for his tough, inspirational talks to teenage students. He has served on the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Expert in Residence program, has been invited to the White House, and has authored a book, Nobody Wants Your Child, about how to prepare young adults for the global workforce.

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